In my last post, I talked a bit about the weekly review. It’s a habit that I’ve found remarkably helpful, in helping to reset expectations and prepare myself for the week ahead. But this year, I’ve also decided to build on the exercise by adding quarterly reviews and quarterly goals.

Once a quarter, I take an extra twenty-five minutes to reflect on the past three months. I also set between five and seven longer-term goals to work on over the next three months. Since I started it this year, I can’t report on whether I’ve completed any of the goals, but it does help me focus the weekly reviews a bit more, as I can see how the past week has or hasn’t tied into these targets.

Here are the goals I’ve laid out for the beginning of 2018:

Weigh less than 330 pounds

Say it ain’t so! I had been doing so well… Well, 2017 was a bit of a backslide for me, and as happens with many folks who lose a lot of weight, I managed to gain it all back. As such, I set myself a target of dropping 30 pounds by April 1st, and we’ll have to see if I can manage it.

Have a checklist in place for buying a house

Funny how as soon as you have a kid, priorities seem to shift! Slowly beginning the process of seeking out a first home this year, which is an anxiety-ridden process. I set myself the easy target of just coming up with a todo-list for this quarter.

Have a Roth IRA fully funded for 2018

Retirement is just around the corner - I’m sure! Let’s try to make sure we’re best equipped for it by hitting our savings goals.

Have written at least 6 blog posts

This really comes down to my desire to write more in general. It’s a habit I keep trying to cultivate, with limited success. Setting myself a target of blog posts seemed a good way to kick my butt into gear a bit. And hey, it brought you this one!

Have vocal booth treated with owens corning 703

In 2017, I started doing some audiobook narration work, which is a ton of fun. But lately I’ve been a little annoyed by the amount of reflection I get in the vocal booth. The past two weeks, I’ve been focusing on this goal a bit by trimming some fiberglass insulation, wrapping it in fabric, and getting it mounted in order to muffle some of that sound. It’s been a fun project so far!

Have released a kOS video

It’s been a while since my KSProgramming series, and I want to get back to making some videos. Obviously, these videos need to factor in the distinct shortage of free time I find myself with, but I set myself the goal of getting one out there. I don’t have a good place to use a camera, and I’m eager to work more on Kerbal Space Program / kOS stuff, hence…this goal.

Have an onboarding prototype for process checklist app

Heh, can’t really talk too much about this one. But I have an idea for a mobile app that I personally want to exist. With luck, I’ll have something prototyped using React Native within the next few months. Maybe nothing will come of it, but I want to force myself to stretch my comfort zone a bit, and creating mobile apps definitely does that.

So, we’ll see in April?

I tried to make these goals pretty diverse, and I’ve made some progress in some areas (and not enough progress in others). We’ll have to see what I’ve actually gotten done in April. But in the meantime, I really have noticed a benefit in that during my weekly review sessions, I do look at these goals and ask myself what I’ve been doing to make progress. It adds some much-needed continuity to the whole process.