I’ve gone through way too many versions of this website (which has existed in various incarnations at various domains). Wordpress, Tumblr, Jekyll, our own crazy Bash/Ruby/JS system… It had to stop!

I just finished recovering whatever content I could from older versions of this blog. What I wanted to do was to spend time looking at Jekyll themes. Building plugins. Messing around with React, or figuring out a different commenting system.

I mean, at least some pagination would be nice…

Problem with focusing on tooling, is you’re not focusing on content

In the past 10+ years I’ve had a blog, I’ve spent tons of time on tooling (Yes, more than ten years. I can only find the last three years of content though).

It has not made me a better writer. It’s been a continual distraction from writing. After all - why sit and stare at a keyboard, when you can code some random fancy way to make the site do some fancypants thing?

And there’s an even more insidious problem: tooling for tooling’s sake produces crappy tools.

I’ve been learning this the hard way recently. Spending hours messing around with various AutoHotKey scripts to try and optimize some of my work, figuring out a clever way to do what I want, and scripting it up in some fancy way…only to discover that the feature turns out to not be something I really wanted in the first place.

It’s way too easy to meet a process problem with a technical solution.

I’m going to do my best to avoid that going forward. Figure out the process first. Write out the steps. See where the pain points really are, and stop prematurely optimizing.

Fingers crossed!