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Since I’ve started writing here, I’ve had two goals:

  • Write for an hour each day
  • Publish something each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

After today, I’m removing the second goal. Here’s why:

  • I’ve been skimping on editing these posts

  • Sometimes I sit down to write and feel like working on a particular project, but can’t because of the schedule. The result is that I either need to put in extra time (which risks burnout, thus increasing the risk that I’ll screw up the first goal), or I have to actively fight my own enthusiasm. Yes, it’s dangerous to just measure input, and not track output, because you might be putting in a bunch of effort toward the wrong goal, but I don’t think that really applies to writing – or rather, it does, it most certainly does (don’t just blindly write crap forever; show people your work; deliberate practice has value in all fields), but that’s something people hyperfocus on – and if I manage to maintain the habit of writing for an hour each day, I think I can trust the work to improve regardless of whether I’m publishing stuff.

  • I just sorta feel like it

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