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Once more, I find myself sitting down to write this thing, and not knowing what to say. It’s a frustrating feeling because I know that it’s inauthentic.

Creative blocks inevitably feel like your brain is empty. But of course it’s not. My brain isn’t quiet right now. It’s loudly and vociferously criticizing me. “Just write anything! No, not that, you’re not qualified to speak about that. You don’t really have much to say on this other thing. And that third thing, nah, best to avoid it because of reasons.”

But unfortunately, mere awareness of those feelings doesn’t often fix the problem. You’d expect that it would. When we notice that we’re resisting, we could jump in with an even louder voice and say “No, to hell with you! I’m gonna do the thing!” And the criticizing voice would get louder, and our combative self would get louder still, until we scribble down whatever idea we have in a burst of conquest.

But no, it doesn’t work that way. The reality is that it just ends up further exhausting us. So what can we do? We can just be present with the feeling. Notice that there’s resistance. Show up. Sit there and be patient. Maybe the creative thing will happen; maybe we’ll have a better understanding of why we’re resistant. Maybe none of those things.

288.7 pounds today, on a bit of a plateau. Still working on getting my video release schedule back up-to-speed. Likewise with writing and meditation. But hey, life is truly magical in other aspects. Here’s to all of that!