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Last week, I did something kinda risky. I let myself fall off the wagon. The past two months have been very strict with regard to diet, exercise, meditation, journaling, video production, and even how I allocate my free time.

I made a conscious decision to put that all on hold for a week. I’d love to claim it was some premeditated idea, but the reality is that it got to be late on the evening on Sunday. I hadn’t gotten groceries; I hadn’t worked on any videos. And so I said “Okay, I guess I’m taking this week off.”

What’s your damage, Heather?

Okay, so what’s the damage? Well, as it happened, I mostly stuck to my diet anyway. I ate more than I should have, but I was still operating at a calorie deficit the entire week. I clocked in this morning around 296 pounds. It’s been lower than that this week, but it’s not a disaster.

With regard to the stuff that I make, blog posts, videos, et cetera, a few people reached out. But things went largely unnoticed. Granted, I’m making entertainment, not a cure for cancer. So missing a bit here and there isn’t really a big deal.

The surprise for me was my mental health. I’ve been feeling so much better over the past few months, but this past week has really done a number on that. It could be the few beers I had over the week. I suspect it’s more likely to be the lack of meditation and journaling though. It’s really scary just how quickly you can backslide in this area if you’re not careful.

So what next?

As the weather gets colder, I’m going to need a backup plan for food. The store I’ve been going to is only a mile walk, but as we dip into freezing temperatures that’s going to become more challenging. Going to try and see what I can do about getting more dry or canned foods that I can keep stockpiled for those weeks where getting groceries just isn’t feasible.

As far as videos go, I want to be more “fault-tolerant”. I ideally want to have backup videos uploaded and ready to go if I should miss a day. That may mean cutting down on what I’m current producing just to make sure there’s that wiggle room. We’ll have to see.

Most importantly though, is not to take happiness for granted. It takes work; it takes effort; it takes practice and reinforcement. I think that’s the one habit where it’s unsafe to ever take time off.