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I’ve discovered something very weird over the past few weeks: I have a woefully underdeveloped appreciation for food.

Now, this is a bit of an odd revelation to have, for me at least. I’m closer to four hundred pounds than three hundred - the sad result of generous abuse of ice cream and assorted forms of salty starchy deliciousness. I’m a twenty-seven year old bachelor who’s on a first-name basis with the pizza delivery guy. The last thing you’d be inclined to say about me is “that guy needs to develop a closer relationship with food!”

No More Delivery

A month ago, I packed up my small place in Manhattan, and moved out to the Midwest. I still live “downtown”, but that means something rather different here. In New York, it was trivial to grab all sorts of food. I didn’t often do that. Instead, I’d order delivery food. Delivery steak, delivery cheese, delivery cheese steak…

I don’t have those options here. You’ve got your standard pizza delivery, but it’s about an hour walk from where I’m at to the nearest fast-food joint. And in all honesty, that’s part of what I wanted from this move. I wanted it to be harder to make the wrong choice than the right one.

Do you know what is nearby? Well, on Saturdays, the farmers market! And I’m a pleasant one-mile walk from a local food co-op.

Meal Prep Time

So what’s a guy like me to do? No delivery food, no taco bell… (there are a few gas stations that have a surprisingly large variety of food, but we’ll ignore that for now). Start preparing my meals at home, obviously!

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This is my third week of trying to prepare meals in advance. I don’t really have experience cooking, but my goal is to make it trivial to make better decisions. I’ll gladly deal with a lack of variety, or not-quite-perfect seasoning if means I can just eat my lunch without having to debate what I want for lunch.

The weird thing is I’m starting to love it though. Creating a list of ingredients I need to buy each week, chopping everything into wildly inconsistent dices, firing it all up and desperately trying to convince the broccoli not to boil over… It’s just so much harder to gulp things down when you’ve prepared them yourself.

Now if I could only get someone else to do the dishes!