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No Place Like Home

Our last two blog posts - Lets Start Reacting and Unburying the Lede - were rather anticlimactic. In the first one, we updated our file processor to generate HTML pages from React components. In the second one, we set up a crawler to fetch metadata from our posts and populate it into a manifest.yml file. But we haven't actually done anything with those tools.

Unburying the Lede

In the last post, we found a way to create static pages from React components. And in theory, we've defined a system by which we can create static pages from any source material. A file called coolPage.html.md will be processed by our processor, but a file called coolPage.html.whatever would be equally valid, so long as we had a whatever processor. One of the pages I'm most eager to build — which shouldn't come as much of a surprise — is the homepage!

Lets Start Reacting

Okay, so I said before that I wanted to start using React to build pages. Why bring in another language instead of continuing to write stuff in Markdown? Good question! First off, Markdown is great.

I Love React

React is an amazing JavaScript framework, and one that kinda transformed how many people think about making websites. A lot of websites things nowadays, right? Like there's a chat, or a notification feed, and fancy crap like that. The web wasn't initially designed with that in mind.

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